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    As a long term partner to the Danville Community, First Savings Bank was originally founded in 1880 as the Danville Building Association. The Building Association grew rapidly and achieved $10 Million Dollars in assets in 1928. At that time, it had become the largest Building and Loan Association in Illinois and in fact, the United States. Becoming the First Savings and Loan Association of Danville in 1956, we continued to grow with the Danville community. In 1976, First Savings moved to its current location at 6 West Williams St and in 1980 celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 1993, First Savings and Loan Association became First Savings Bank of Danville.

    The Bank’s primary purpose has always been, and remains to this day, to help its customers in attaining the American dream of homeownership and financial success in the Danville Community. We pride ourselves on our financial strength, a traditional and conservative approach to banking, and the success of our customers throughout our 130 year history in the community.

    As a strong, locally owned and operated financial institution, First Savings Bank takes great pride in its continuing involvement in the Danville Community and looks forward to a bright future of serving the financial needs of this vibrant community.

    Excerpt from the July 1932 Semi-Annual Statement of the Danville Building Association;

    “We are beginning to get back to fundamental truths again. This country needs employment, a profit for business, and a greater confidence in credit. We will get these by savings. Millions of people who have not been giving consideration to the dependable method of savings are now willing to listen to the age-old doctrine of thrift.

    The Danville Building Association loans its funds on first mortgages on homes. Homes are the foundation of the nation and the real security behind our government bonds. Real Estate mortgage financing is many hundreds of years old and has withstood the difficulties of every panic and depression.

    Place some of your savings in the Danville Building Association. It will lend them on improved real estate. You will be contributing to the prosperity of your community. Your savings will be safe and working for you.”


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